Gedicht der Woche (XLV)

Diese Woche mal vice versa, eine Nachdichtung ins Englische des Gedichts „Herbsttag“ von Rilke, was eine gefühlte Ewigkeit in der Schublade geschlummert hatte …

Autumn Day

Rainer Maria Rilke

Lord: it is time. The summer was so tall.
Lay upon the sundials all your shadows
and on the meadows conjure up a squall.

Give order to the last fruits to be fine;
let grow them only two more southern days,
force up them to perfection and then place
the final sweetness into heavy wine.

Who doesn’t have a house, won’t build it now.
Who’s lonely still (stays lone without a break)
will write long letters, read or simply wake
and will along the avenues, somehow,
hike anxiously, when all the leaves will quake.

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